Non-governmental organization “Centre for informational support of public initiatives “The Third sector”, Hrodna, Belarus

Non-governmental organization "Centre for informational support of public initiatives "The Third sector", Hrodna, Belarus

Preserving and creating!

On the basis of Belarusian national values we develop social activeness among different citizens’ strata through informational and educational support for democratic public initiatives.

The main activities of the organization are:

Information support for public initiatives (“The Third Sector” magazine, e-digest “Chronicles of

public life of Hrodna region”).

Civic education in the sphere of journalismSchool of young journalist», web-portal “Tvoj Styl” (Your Style), study visits and exchanges, Festival of young journalism “Tvoj styl”).

Development of local community and social animation (“Open School of local community” –

trainings and study visits for civic activists from different cities and towns of Belarus, the
manual “Social animator”, assistance in creating local web-sites, volunteer work with orphans,

Culture and heritage (publication of literature (“The Song about Bison”, “Legends and myths”: fromNioman to Buh”, “Traditional cuisine of Bialystok and Hrodna regions”), international culture projects, project on preserving and promotion of Hrodna historical heritage (“Novy sviet”(means New World – the name of the Hrodna city districts).

Development of cross-border cooperation between NGOs and initiatives (NGO Forum of the Euroregion “Neman”, PoLiBelKa (2003, 2006, 2010), international youth camps, volunteer exchanges, EVS activities etc.)

Strengthening public initiatives’ potential (study visits, trainings, consulting on planning of organizational activity, public relations, elaboration of projects, development of organization, elaboration of study programs, usage of new media, etc.)

Golden Age University: intellectual, social and physical activation of aged people.

Golden age university intellectual, social and physical activation of elderly people from Third Sector

Other Examples of our Activities:

The course for young educators from Belarus, Poland, Portugal and Ukraine “IDEA for Youth” (2005).

Trainings, conferences, round tables, public hearings, study visits.

Books and manuals on NGO management, development of local communities, preserving cultural and
historical heritage, international cooperation

Forums for youth initiatives of Hrodna region “InfoMIH”

School on women economic self-dependency

In 2009-2014, the organization is an active participant in the European Commission’s “Youth in Action” prorgramme. Representatives of the organization participate in youth exchanges, trainings, job shadowings. The organization is hosting (14 volunteers from Poland and Austria) and sending Belarusian EVS volunteers abroad.

Since 2014 the Third Sector participates in the new EU Erasmus + programme (European Voluntary Service, youth exchanges, trainings and other educational mobility). Organisation’s accreditation number is 2014-1-PL01-K110-3687, it will be valid till the end of 2020.

Our contact:

Adres: Budziony Str., 48a-63, Hrodna, 230023, Belarus

Phone/fax +375152757172

e-mail for EVS projects and other Erasmus+ cooperation:

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